Facebook – Malcolm Plested

My favorite social app. Facebook really allows me to be myself and share what’s going on both personally and professionally. For me it’s been fun to watch these worlds collide in Facebook. Many I know don’t do this for a reason, but for me it’s been an incredible journey the past couple of years. Finding friends, old associates, and having rich interactions. From a professional perspective it’s great to have such rich interactions with people from around the globe and to both see what they are doing and feel apart of it through threaded comments. It’s more than a simple status app. The app platform, while it’s taken a few steps back, has kept it solid and useful while at the same time I am able to share events, and interesting things in my life with hundreds of people around the globe. Email for me is becoming stale, just not as rich.

Linked In – Malcolm Plested

Linked in is a no brainer for me. Create the profile, add some associates from my address book… only those that are already on there, and then from those people find others… and boom a few months later you’ve got hundreds of contacts. From a professional perspective I like the recommendations, introductions, etc… I don’t really get into the groups. I let linked in manage itself and do occasionally read the weekly rollups from the groups I’ve found to be relevant, but mostly this has become my rollodex. Happy to not have to worry about keeping peoples cards. Much prefer them to be contacts on Linked in or facebook.

Twitter – Malcolm Plested

Twitter is a bit of a one off. I have found value in Twitter, but I do think it’s healthy to not spend a lot of time sitting on it. It reminds me of TV a bit in that it’s great for killing time. IT does provide a communication mechanism for allowing anyone to contact me and comment on my content or say things about me good or bad.