iPhone 3GS vs HTC HD2

Hi all, I have recently changed my Apple iphone for the new sleek HTC HD2 (Leo)… I took me a lot of time to decide on the HD2 as I am a big lover of the apple iPhone My reasons to change to the HTC HD2 are as follows:

1, Cost
2, 5 mega pixel camera and flash
3, I can use the HD2 as a modem on my netbook, without paying for further internet tethering services as you would do with the iPhone
4, I no longer need to use Apple’s iTunes to govern what goes onto my device
5, Microsoft office mobile – I am a big user of office 2003 / 2007 and will benefit from these features.
6, I can upgrade the memory by changing the micro SD card in the HD2
7, Purchase / replace the battery in the HD2

To follow is my review of both phones, I found a lot of this information on other websites, but most of it reflects my thoughts on both devices.


Side by side, the HD2 and iPhone 3GS look similar and yet much different from each other. On the one hand, they both deliver customer interactivity that is heavily dependent on touch sensitive screens. On the other, there is significant difference in scale here. The 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone is by no means small, but the 4.3 inches of the HD2 dwarfs it and makes it look as it was tiny. Both displays offer good image quality indoors, but the iPhone has the upper hand outdoors, in bright sunlight. Their sensitivity is extremely high, although the HD2 has the edge here, despite the fact that this is not much of an advantage in this particular case.


Despite its name “Sense”, HTC´s personalized interface looks like (and has the functionality of) the well-known TouchFLO 3D and they are actually almost identical in every respect. The home screen consists of multiple tabs that will allow you to quickly get to almost any function of the phone. It´s a good thing that Sense adds integration of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, because using these social services feels easier and better than ever. Behind the appealing face of Sense, however, lies the power of Windows Mobile 6.5 that business people do appreciate.

The iPhone OS platform is also quite famous among customers. Visually, it may be far from spectacular, but its distinguishing features are simple, user-friendly interface and fast speed. You don’t need to have solid knowledge of cell phones in order to make the most of your iPhone right away, because everything is right-down intuitive.

With the rapidly improving hardware, however, the performance gap between these operating systems is getting smaller and less significant by the day. Thanks to its 1GHz processor and ample amount of RAM, the HTC HD2 responds just as fast and reliably to your commands as the most powerful iPhone. What´s more, HTC Sense looks more contemporary and offers integration of social networks, quite a serious advantage indeed.


Any self-respecting smartphone should be able to offer proper email functionality. Of course, both the HD2 and the iPhone 3GS are great performers in this respect, they just visualize the relevant information differently. The HD2 comes with dedicated Mail tab that allows users to go over shorter versions of their emails on the fly. Its advantage is the ability to instantaneously switch between email accounts.

You don’t have tabs on the iPhone, so like it or lump it, you will have to get to know the Mail application better, which actually sports the same functionality found on its rival. It also permits users to take a quick look at short versions of all received emails, but its shortcoming is that switching between accounts feels clumsier alongside of the way you do it on the HD2.

The QWERTY keyboard is another extremely important aspect you need to consider in terms of proper email handling. The keyboard layout of the iPhone 3GS features more space in between keys, which equates to lower chance of pressing the wrong button. In the case of the HD2, buttons are larger, but more cramped. We wouldn’t dare call either of them a winner here if it wasn’t for the excessive screen sensitivity of the HD2 which means higher probability of typing mistakes due to increased number of erroneous presses. Despite that, you can´t go wrong with either handset and you can be pretty sure you´re getting the best no matter your particular choice.


If you happen to be someone who enjoys proper entertainment or for some reason needs various software applications, the available variety at the online application stores of Apple and Microsoft is an important factor and something you do need to consider.

In other words, if you happen to be a person who likes having fun and lend color to their daily grind with various applications, you better head for the nearest mental health treatment facility and… this is a joke of course, not funny at that. Well, if you happen to be such a person, you better opt for the iPhone, because you will get access to a software library of almost 100,000 programs. On the other hand, there are quite a few applications for Windows Mobile as well. The thing is not many of them can be found at Windows Marketplace for Mobile itself, not to mention the free stuff there is as scarce as chicken teeth. To top it off, paid programs cost an arm and a leg. Hands down, the iPhone remains our blue-eyed boy here.

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