SharePoint 2010 – Default MySite Quota’s


PROBLEM !!! – What Problem

I am using SharePoint 2010 server.

I tried to uploaded documents to SharePoint my site Shared Document Library, and got the following error,

Your changes could not be saved because this SharePoint Web site has exceeded the storage quota limit.
You must save your work to another location.  Contact your administrator to change the quota limits for the Web site

I run SharePoint Central Administration Tool, selected the web application from the dropdown listbox,  I changed the Quota limit, created Quota template, assigned the new Quota template. But no matter what I did, It seems the quota did not changed

When I go back to my site I still getting the above error. Anyone can tell me what I did wrong?

Fortunately there is a FREE and very useful tool from CodePlex that will take the pain away from managing Quotas on Mysite….. the tool looks like this:


Application for change user profile site disk quota, if you have too much my site web.

Because SharePoint implicitly cannot change my site quota templates for all my site web at once, you can use this applications.

This project is beta version. You can read more on this blogs.

There are three requirements before you publish:

– Run only on server with SharePoint Portal Server 2007 / 2010
– Run under SharePoint Farm system account

To Download the tools go to the following link:

or if you like the STSADM tool try the following command:

stsadm -o gl-syncquotas -scope webapplication -url http://mysites -quota “Personal Site” –setquota

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