Resolving Windows 7 Service Pack 1 error

‘Fatal error C0000034’ on boot after Service Pack 1 for 64-bit systems install

After Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for 64-bit systems on my laptop after it appeared on Windows Update. The install seemed to go alright, however, when I restarted the computer at the prompt of Windows Update, it gets as far as the Starting Windows screen, before throwing ‘Fatal Error C0000034 applying update operation 282 of 114599 (_00000…)’

At this point, the start-up sequence hangs and go’s no further. I restarted again by switching off at the mains, and this time was prompted to run Start-up Repair. I tried this, however the Start-up Repair program hung (I left it for several hours with apparently no effect). I then proceeded to try the following things:

-Boot in Safe Mode
This led to the start-up to hang at the ‘Loaded: CLASSPNP.SYS’, ‘Please wait…’ stage. Again, left for several hours, no progress.

– Run the recovery CD to restore from a System Restore point.
The program hung at the restoring system stage – again, left for several hours, nothing happens.

– Booting from last known good configuration
This just resulted in the same error as when I boot it normally

The Following is how to fix this issue.

It essentially involves doing a manual system restore.

– Open the recovery console – To get to the Windows 7 recovery Console Press F8 at system restart before it trys to load Windows, and you are presented with the following menu:

When the recovery console has loaded select Command Prompt from the menu options:

When the command prompt is open complete the following:

– Change working directory to whatever the root folder of the Windows install is (might be D: or some other letter for some people):
cd /d C:\windows\system32\config

Rename the following files by typing the following:

ren default default.old
ren sam sam.old
ren security security.old
ren software software.old
ren system system.old

– Change the working directory:
cd regback
– Copy the files from this directory to the previous directory as follows:
copy default c:\windows\system32\config
copy sam c:\windows\system32\config
copy security c:\windows\system32\config
copy software c:\windows\system32\config
copy system c:\windows\system32\config

– Having done this, I restarted my computer, and it booted all the way with no errors. However, it seemed somewhat unstable, so I booted into Safe Mode and ran CHKDSK (chkdsk /B) and conducted a normal system restore to before the service pack install using the normal method. To fix remaining problems, I ran sfc /scannow. My computer now seems to be running as well as ever.

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