Fantastic 40 templates on SharePoint 2010



So, if you are:

1. migrating from SP 2007 and you have Fantastic 40 templates that are not working anymore

2. or you are starting with a fresh SP 2010 Portal and you want to use these templates in your new environment.

Either way, the fantastic 40 templates are a great deal…They are delivered from Microsoft and contain good examples of real life needs in organisations.

Just to refresh your memory, here they are again:
Server Admin templates
Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management
Help Desk
Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects
Inventory Tracking
Bug Database
IT Team Workspace
Call Center
Job Requisition and Interview Management
Change Request Management
Knowledge Base
Compliance Process Support Site
Lending Library
Contacts Management
Physical Asset Tracking and Management
Document Library and Review
Project Tracking Workspace
Event Planning
Room and Equipment Reservations
Expense Reimbursement and Approval Site
Sales Lead Pipeline

You can try them out here on the TechSol Blog Site.
These work great in any SharePoint 2007 environment (the free WSS version or the non-free MOSS versions).
But now you are running SP2010 and you want this functionality too ? Well, that is possible for the Server Admin Templates!!

1. Download the fantastic 40 here at the Microsoft site.
2. Unpack them in the following directory: “C:\Unpacked” on your front end SharePoint server.
3. Use this Batch script to add en deploy the 40 solutions (created by Dessie Lunsford )
4. create your new Fantastic 40 site.

The batch adds the solution to the 14 hive.

One comment on “Fantastic 40 templates on SharePoint 2010

  1. How do you get the sales lead pipeline site to work after upgrade? I had all of these sites working great in WSS 3.0 but we upgraded to SharePoint Server 2010 and the Sales Lead Pipeline will not work anymore. I see that this site is also not available on the techsol site for the upgraded application templates. When i run the batch file and place the templates in the 14 hive and create a new sales lead pipeline site the site still does not work properly. Can anyone help me with this.

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