SharePoint 2010 and Apple iPad


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 supports several modern, standards based, XHTML 1.0 compliant browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 4.x as detailed in the “Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010)” on Microsoft TechNet.  It explains in detail which features work and which do not across the browsers and is the most up to date browser support information.  The mobile versions of Safari browser on the Apple iPhone OS (used by the iPhone and iPad) have not been tested by Microsoft, and there may be issues using them with SharePoint 2010.



Apple Safari 4 or higher for a Mac/PC and Safari for the iPhone OS are not the same.  Whereas the desktop version of Safari supports contenteditable attribute, Safari on the iPhone OS does not. The contenteditable attribute is used by SharePoint 2010 and other collaboration products, such as Office Web Apps, to provide a rich editing experience within a supported browser. In the future, if Apple were to add support for the contenteditable on the Apple iPad, then we will investigate and update this post.



Option 1:

SharePoint Server 2010 mobile features support access by web browser enabled mobile devices like the Apple iPad to view and navigate to SharePoint pages, document libraries, list data, content, and Office documents using Office Web Apps. 

By adding the Apple iPad’s Safari USERAGENT string to SharePoint 2010’s compat.browser file, SharePoint 2010 can detect the Apple iPad and automatically redirect to a mobile view (lightweight web interface).  For some scenarios (i.e. branded publishing web site), you may want to present the full web interface to the Apple iPad.  In this case, you can disable the automatic redirect by setting the isMobile attribute to “false.”  As future mobile devices become available, you can follow these steps to add them to SharePoint 2010’s mobile view list.

How to add Apple iPad to compat.browser:

• To add or update mobile browsers, you will need to edit the compat.browser file. 

• You can find the file under \inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\App_browsers\compat.browser.

• To add the iPad useragent, edit the compat.browser file and append this after the iPhone section:

• Restart Internet Information Services (IIS) by typing the following at the command prompt, and then press ENTER: iisreset /noforce

Option 2:

There are some Apps available on the App Store that integrate nicely into SharePoint, my Favorite has to be SharePlus:


Access your SharePoint‘s data from anywhere with SharePlus iPad Client for SharePoint.

SharePlus allows you to browse all your corporate information easily, storing all the navigated data locally for later use, enabling offline browsing of all your office’s knowledge assets, like Documents, Tasks, Images, Discussions, Announcements, Events, Wiki Pages, Custom Lists, etc. SharePlus does not require any server side components.

Shareplus, Sharepoint mobile client

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