New OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad apps released


The Exchange Team released two new apps in the Apple App Store today, the OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad.  These apps currently only work for Office 365 customers, but on-premise versions are in the works.

The apps provide a familiar OWA-like GUI for email and calendaring to Office 365. 

Other features that these apps provide include:

  • Stored credentials so you are automatically logged into the app 
  • Push notifications that actively notify you of new email 
  • Meeting reminders that pop up even when the app is closed 
  • Voice activated actions like scheduling a meeting or sending email 
  • Contact sync so that OWA contacts are recognized by the iPhone’s caller ID function 
  • Remote wipe capability that allows IT to delete email and calendar data in the app from the device in the event that the device gets lost or the user leaves the organization

Here are a couple more screenshots:

Read more about the new apps on the EHLO blog and the Office 365 Technology Blog.

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