Send Document As An Email Attachment SharePoint 2010


This feature is particularly useful when you store document in SharePoint and you need to send them to people outside of your organisation that do not have permission to access your SharePoint sites…

Download the feature (WSP) file from CodePlex:

After deploying this solution, a new button “Send Document” will appear in the ribbon interface. Just select the document (one at a time) by clicking the check box before the document title and click on Send Document button. As soon as you click this button an email form will pop up which allows you to provide values for “To”, “Cc”, “Subject” and “Email body”. Just fill in the details and click send email. You document will be attached to this email and will be sent to the appropriate user.

Also note that as a part of this installation, a send document configuration list will also get deployed on the root site which allows you to add users to whom you want to give rights to send document as an attachment.

System requirements
SharePoint 2010 must be installed. There are no special requirements on the edition of SharePoint

On The client

Following requirements must be fulfilled on the Client in order to use the feature:
1. Outlook is installed on the computer and the computer is located in the same domain as the server.
2. This feature is to be used only with Internet Explorer, as the ActiveX-Technology is not supported by other web browsers.
3. In the security settings of Internet Explorer must be activated following settings: “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting” and “Automatic logon with current user name and password”.
For the activation of settings, following steps must be carried out:
3.1. Click on Tools in the task menu at the upper border of the Internet Explorer
3.2. Click on “Internet Options” from dropdown-menu
3.3. In the internet options click tab ”Security”
3.4. Choose the zone ”Trusted sites”
3.5. Click the button “Sites” and insert your SharePoint-Site to “Trusted sites”.
3.6. Click the button “Custom level”
3.6.1. Activate the setting “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting”
3.6.2. Activate the setting “Automatic logon with current user name and password”

The installation can be divided in to the following steps:
1. Adding “Communardo.SendSharePointDocumentsAsEmailAttachment.wsp” solution to the SharePoint Farm solutions. There is no possibility to do it by means of user interface. Thus, prompt-tool “stsadm” must be used. Following command should be run under administrative rights on the server (before that save the file “Communardo.SendSharePointDocumentsAsEmailAttachment.wsp” in any directory, e.g. under C:/Communardo).

2. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration and click the link “System Settings” and then the link “Manage farm solutions”


3. In the list of all SharePoint solutions click “Communardo.SendSharePointDocumentsAsEmailAttachment.wsp” and then on “Deploy Solution“


If the feature is not active, you can activate it by doing the following:
Open Internet Explorer and open your SharePoint Root-site. Log in as administrator. Click on “Site Actions” and in the context menu on “Site Settings”. On the page “Site Actions” click on the link “Site collection features. On the then following page search for the feature “Communardo Send documents as attachments” and click on the button “Activate”. The feature is now activated and can be used.

Sending documents via Ribbon Bar
When the feature “Communardo Send documents as attachments” is active, there will be added a button “Send documents as e-mail” to the section “Share & Track” in the ribbon of document libraries.(Figure 4) This button will be active only if at least one document is selected. After clicking on “Send documents as email” the dialogue “New Mail-Dialog” of the Outlook will be opened and the selected documents will be automatically added as an attachment.


Sending separate documents as e-mail via context menu
There is a possibility to send separate documents as an e-mail. For this purpose, there is an entry in the context menu “As e-mail attachment”.


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